Artist’s Statement

In my work, I reflect on evocative fragments and atmospheric imagery seen, remembered, or imagined. Much of my work is based on memories of my life in Mexico. The residue of pigments that often appears in my paintings has parallels with the residues of past lives, stories, and places.

Over the course of my career as an artist I have worked in acrylic, stone, clay and porcelain, oil pastels, silverpoint, pencil, and watercolor. Even in paintings, the tactile nature of paper and paint matter to me. Paper is fundamental in much of my work. The textures – smooth or rough – the whiteness – are beautiful before color touches them. Paper accepts, resists, holds, and carries – paper is the ship on which most of my art sails. Often I work in series exploring a theme in as many ways as possible. Natural elements such as water, plants, and rocks are themes I have played with in many media over the years..

Since 2011, I have been exploring color, memory, and residue in a series of watercolors entitled “Orphan Walls/Paredes Huerfanas.” The paintings in this series depart from traditional uses of watercolor. They are often composed of very solid blocks of color layered, rubbed, and smudged to create nuances I remember on the walls of towns in Mexico. These walls belong to everyone and to no one. They have seen much and can signal both the grit of age and the power of fresh hope. In the paintings, I try to evoke the color, light, roughness and life of these ordinary spaces.